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Siri Watana Cheshire Foundation for the Permanently Disabled

Siri Watana Cheshire Foundation Under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen has been a sanctuary for underprivileged disabled people in Thailand since 1964. Today, the Foundation is taking care of disabled people at 5 different locations.

• Baan Siri Watana, Samutprakarn
• Baan Thongpoon, Rangsit
• Baan Thongyoo, Chiang Mai
• Baan Suk Samer, Petchburi
• Baan Itharath, Roi Et

As one of the founding committee members, Khunying Alma Link helped a number of disabled people throughout her compassionate life. Both Khunying Alma and Mr. Herbert Link tirelessly provided financial and personal support to the Foundation.

Today, the compassion has passed on to the next generations of B.Grimm people. Khun Puangpet Boonsai, Managing Director of Green Power Corporation, one of B.Grimm Companies and Khun Pramote Na Nakorn, Previous Executive at Carrier, one of B.Grimm’s Joint Venture Companies, are acting as the Presidents of Baan Thongpoon Rangsit and Baan Suk Samer Petchburi respectively.

Furthermore, past and present B.Grimm employees are also strong supporters of the Foundation in several ways e.g. acting as committee members, helping organize product sales and organizing fund-raising events like annual fortune-telling charity week.

At present, Mr. Harald Link is the Vice Chairman of the Foundation.

How to involve
• Donate money to the Foundation at donation boxes at lobbies of Dr. Gerhard Link Building and Alma Link Building
• Purchase products by disabled people
• Visit the disabled when opportunities arise
• Help organize activities with the disabled and fund-raising activities