B.Grimm | EN

B.Grimm Capital Partners

A Southeast Asian investor with 145 years of operational expertise

How do we invest?

  • We like to partner with likeminded owner-entrepreneurs and invest in companies that we can help grow
  • We can tailor our investment to the situation (equity, debt, minority/control, etc.)
  • We focus on Thailand and ASEAN or in bringing foreign champions to these markets

Our approaches include:

  • Acting as the preferred steward of family businesses: purchasing a majority stake and ensuring the business continues
  • Backing entrepreneurs and start-ups: helping them with growth capital, know-how and network
  • Investing alongside premier companies: joint-venturing to help them navigate the Thai and Southeast Asian business landscape

What makes us different?

  • 145 years of experience operating in Thailand and Southeast Asia
  • Ability to leverage our global network of partners and resources
  • Flexibility to structure investments as equity, debt or combination
  • Ability to invest across opportunities from small start-ups to large established companies
  • We seek to compound returns for the long term and are not bound by a 5-6 year private equity investment horizon