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Phra Prang was adopted as the company’s logo. B.Grimm & Co.’s Phra Prang was designed with Phra Prang of the Temple of Dawn as its prototype. Phra Prang was selected as the company’s logo due to the location of the first B.Grimm & Co. by the Chao Phraya River overlooking the splendid Phra Prang of the Temple of Dawn. This vision symbolized the dawn of B.Grimm & Co.’s business prosperity.

The original version of B.Grimm & Co. logo illustrated Phra Prang on the first tier with “B.Grimm & Co.” scribe and second tier with “บี.กริม” scribe. Phra Prang was situated on the double-tier and under it, 1878, the year of company establishment. On top of Phra Prang, a delicate pattern of gable apex is decorated.

Later on, the commercial symbols became more modernized leading B.Grimm & Co. to modify its logo to reflect more international stance. Some adornments were removed for easier recognition but the overall pattern remained.