<span class="staticslider-caption-title">146</span><span class="staticslider-caption-title yok">th</span><span class="staticslider-caption-title"> Anniversary of B.GRIMM</span>

146th Anniversary of B.GRIMM

Doing Business with Compassion
for the Development of Civilisation in Harmony with Nature


At B.Grimm we believe in inspiring people through our compassionate business approach that emphasises social engagement and the development of civilisation in harmony with nature.

Corporate Philosophy



Our business areas

B.Grimm is a multi business corporation. Our roles range from being pioneer to partner. All with an aim to increase effectiveness, efficiency, wellbeing and cultural progress of every societies which we live in.


Being one of Thailand’s leading industrial power producers and with the vision of “Empowering the World Compassionately”, B.Grimm Power has been focusing on cleaner energy...
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Industrial Businesses

B.Grimm Industrial Businesses offer various solutions, focusing on energy optimization, smart integration, and well-being for industrial and commercial businesses. We partner with the world’s leading...
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B.Grimm is a vital player in Thailand’s healthcare industry having established several dynamic partnerships to deliver the latest medical products and technology to the Thai...
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"Quality is never an accident, it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skillful execution it represents the wise choice...
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Since 1989, B.Grimm has developed two 20 storey office buildings: the Alma Link Building, located in the central business district, and the Dr. Gerhard Link...
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Digital Division

B.Grimm Digital Division is focussing on cutting edge technology to improve our products, to enter new markets or to launch new digital products to the...
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B.Grimm Capital Partners

A Southeast Asian investor with 145 years of operational expertise How do we invest? We like to partner with likeminded owner-entrepreneurs and invest in companies...
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146th Anniversary of B.Grimm


B.Grimm Social Engagement

B.Grimm has been doing business with compassion for the mutual benefit of our associates, business partners, and society at large through the initial projects and social engagement activities covering 6 categories:


Education is fundamental to supporting a country’s economic growth and social development. Therefore, B.Grimm has been contributing to education in every dimension. Little Scientists’ House...
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To promote the well-being of communities, B.Grimm supports various charities and foundations to help those in need who live in remote areas, the unprivileged, the...
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With our vision of “Doing Business with Compassion in Harmony with Nature”, B.Grimm commits to making positive impacts on the people, community, and environment. Save...
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Arts & Culture

Arts and culture are the reflection of people’s way of life in any society. B.Grimm supports arts and culture in various projects, especially in classical...
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B.Grimm has been supporting equestrian sports and polo in Thailand with the aim of elevating the standards to an international level by arranging polo tournaments,...
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The Gross National Happiness Centre Thailand In 2016, B.Grimm partnered with the Gross National Happiness Centre Bhutan established the “Gross National Happiness Centre Thailand” with...
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