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Social Engagement

For 139 years, B.Grimm’s purpose has been to do business with compassion. Having started in 1878 with making modern medicines, the wellbeing of society, our customers, our people and communities have been at the heart of our efforts. Since then we have been supporting health, infrastructure, industrial and city development, religion, education, sports, environment and culture.

In parallel to our business growth, B.Grimm Group and the Link family have played a significant role in contributing and supporting to Thai society in various aspects. Mr. Herbert Link and Khunying Alma Link have made the name of B.Grimm as the pioneering company with compassion towards Thai society. This way of running business with compassion has been continued to the next generations of the Link family ever since.

In our long history, we have proved ourselves to be an exemplary corporate citizen. Also, in the same way that we run our businesses, we have built a reputation as a responsible partner to the foundations and organizations with whom we work for the betterment of society.