‘Por Laew Dee The Creator’ Project # 4

Recently, the Porlaewdee Creator Project Press Conference #4 was held in Bangkok. The project was inspired by the principles of Sufficiency Economy Philosophy and Creative Economy concepts that meet the aspirations of Sustainable. The project is fully supported by B.Grimm and the Tourism Authority of Thailand. Dr. Sirikul Laukaikul, Project Director, Por laew Dee The Creator; Khun Caroline Link, Vice Chairman of B.Grimm Executive Board, and Khun Tesadat Thongon, Director of Sustainability Management Division, the Governor of Tourism Authority of Thailand Office – all of whom share their views on the support and inspiration of the project by promoting new, young entrepreneurs.

By applying the concept of Sufficiency Economy and Creative Economy for doing business, the program is consistent with current lifestyles and the views of new generations. It isn’t just doing business alone but covers the overall need to think of a society that already exists and is part of the need to drive a sustainable economy across the board. This project, “the Porlaewdee Creator Project #4”, is aligned with B.Grimm’s business philosophy in ‘Doing Business with Compassion for the Development of Civilization in Harmony with Nature’. This is accomplished in harmony with the Sufficiency Principle of His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej which is at the heart of B.Grimm’s way of doing business.