B.Grimm Capital

Providing a Southeast Asian platform to accelerate growth, with 140 years of operational expertise and the flexibility to structure investments to unique situations

B. Grimm Capital was established to help local and foreign champions grow and unlock their potential.

Taking advantage of the B. Grimm Group’s track-record growing businesses, deep regulatory & operational knowledge, and extensive long-standing corporate relationships.

How we invest?

  • Partnering with entrepreneurs and owners to unlock value and help grow their businesses
  • Making equity or debt, minority or control investments in companies for the long-term

Our approaches include:

  • Acting as the preferred steward of family businesses by purchasing a majority stake and ensuring the business will continue into perpetuity yet allowing the founders to remain involved
  • Backing entrepreneurs with our expertise in financing, operational management and network to grow their companies or start-ups
  • Investing alongside premier companies to help them navigate the Thai and Southeast Asian business landscape

What makes us different?

  • 140 years of experience operating in Thailand and Southeast Asia
  • Ability to leverage our global network of partners and resources within the B. Grimm Group
  • Expertise of our Partnership Investing team and their flexibility to structure bespoke investments that meet the needs of unique situations
  • Our structure enables us to benefit from the scale of a multibillion Dollar conglomerate yet enables us to move fast and make investment decisions quickly
  • Significant size and liquidity to be able to invest across opportunities from start-ups to large established businesses
  • A long term investment horizon allows the businesses to focus on growth and opportunities rather than short-term results